Himanshi and Ajit

Hot Air Balloon Elopement

Victoria and Josh

Newcastle Golf Course

Annie and Wes

Mt. Rainier Engagement

Jenna and Alex

Genesis Farm and Gardens


Every couple puts a lot of thought and creativity into their wedding to make it beautiful, unique, and memorable. I like to showcase that style by giving them a final product they can look back on and see their own love reflected in, whether photo or video.

I am based in Seattle, WA, but do not limit myself to this area. I've traveled to Italy, Mexico, Los Angeles, and more for weddings. I love working with couples who are invested in having their story beautifully recorded and retold for generations to come. From the experience I've had shooting weddings, I understand the value of capturing raw emotions and work hard to capture those moments first and foremost.

All the work showcased on my website is personally shot and edited by myself. I am hands-on so you won't be left with a bunch of uninspired photos and/or videos. You won't find me "just showing up and pressing a button," I'm into your wedding personally and with every couple I work with, I put you as the priority.

Honestly, my main goal is to make my couples happy. This is your day and your love story to tell, I'm just the messenger :)


I went to a Christian University out of high school and got a degree in Bible and Ministry. I dedicated five years to working in churches and serving the communities around me. After being a missionary teaching English in China for a year, having a daughter, and moving states, my heart changed to serve people differently.

In 2019 I decided I wanted to make a bigger impact in the world, and that I wanted to be financially independent, so I started making YouTube videos. I loved making random vlogs and being creative, but it never paid my bills. But what stood out to me is how important it was to capture moments and memories around me, and I loved that. So I just kept doing it! And eventually people wanted to start paying me money for taking photos and videos! So... (Keep scrolling)

Family photo from my first wedding.



I started shooting every genre of photo and video I could: street photography, sports videos, family photos, headshots, vlogs, nature, travel, products, brands, kids, birthdays, food, restaurants, etc. I was captivated by the world, what I could create, and how I could present it, but it was never enough...

Shooting weddings was like the ultimate challenge for me. I got to shoot EVERYTHING!!!!! It was amazing! It was like I had found my calling. I jumped straight into solo shooting weddings and never turned back. This industry completely caught me by surprise and I'm so glad to be in it now, working with beautiful people (that means everyone (including you)) and capturing beautiful memories.


A lot of people were seeing my work and telling their friends about me. The (good) problem with this was that I began taking any and every shoot I possibly could because this is all I wanted to do! I wanted to shoot everything, but I just physically couldn’t. So I started transitioning to being a "wedding only" photographer and videographer (including engagements and proposals), where I only shoot weddings and am more focused on this niche. Now I get to spend the best day of each couple's life with them, and I couldn't be happier doing that!

Hear what my happy couples are saying…


•  Lake Como, Italy

•  Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

•  Hanoi, Vietnam

•  Mt. Rainier National Park

•  NFL Quarterback Russell Wilson

•  Former NBA Player Shawn Kemp

•  Patron Tequila

•  The Space Needle

•  The Seattle Aquarium

•  76th Floor Colombia Tower, Seattle

•  Chihuly Glass Garden, Seattle

•  Oregon Coast, Neskowin

•  Los Angeles, CA

•  Nashville, TN

•  Crystal Mountain, WA

•  Indian, Chinese, and Vietnamese Weddings and Traditions

•  Catholic Weddings and Traditions

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